GeoScience Outreach and Engagement

In this ground-breaking final-year undergraduate course, students undertake an outreach or public engagement placement in the community. Working alone, or in small teams, students must negotiate with their host organisation to deliver a resource than can be used to help communicate science to the public, local schoolchildren, or service-users, thus ensuring that the outreach activities have a life beyond the course itself. Throughout each project, students create a blog to serve as a record of their learning and the development of their resource.

contact: Dr Isla Myers-Smith

More information:

Teaching Matters blog post where Dr Isla Myers-Smith and Gergana Daskalova, a student who participated in the course, discuss the benefits of the course

GeoScience Outreach Insight Paper

Link to the official course website

DRPS description of the course

Although the GeoScience Outreach course was designed with students from GeoScience in mind, it has always been open to students from other disciplines. As a result of this and in response to greater numbers of students enrolling from outside areas, the model has now been successfully adapted and implemented by staff and students within the Psychology department, who are running the course in conjunction with GeoSciences. Please contact Dr Bonnie Auyeung for more details.